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E-Cig Accessories and Other Gifts for E-Cig Users in Your Life

Being fairly new to society, e-cigs are still developing technology. Although the dangers of cancer are very obvious and clear, we aren’t 100% on the dangers of using e-cigs yet. Regardless, most people can agree they would prefer a loved one use e-cigs over the older definately cancerous smoked cigarette. Here are some gift ideas you could get for your e-cig user this holiday season.

  • Larger Battery

One of the downfalls of e-cigs that never happened with normal cigarettes is the need to charge them constantly. Just like anything with a rechargeable battery, the older it gets, the shorter it will last. Buy an extra battery for them, so if one dies, they can switch it. This is obviously better than them picking up a cigarette again.

  • New Coils

E-cigs work by heating coils on the inside that vaporize the liquid so the nicotine can be inhaled. Just like anything mechanical, they eventually wear down, get burnt up, and need replacing. It isn’t hard to replace them, but they can be pricey. Less pricey than a completely new setup however.

E-cig users can never have enough juice. Running out of juice is like running out of cigs and that would never happen. Find out their favorite brands and flavors and order a small variety pack online. Most vape companies have promo codes available online and some are offering holiday sales. It’s not ideal but since they will be buying it anyhow, you might as well help them save a little money.

  • Fashion or Technology.

If you are opposed to them using their e-cigs you can do two things, the first is buy them something non related. For girls, maybe buy her some new Ugg boots and guys can never fail with technology like selfie drones. Don’t be aggressive about it, just don’t support their use by supplying them with what they need.

I think if you ask most e-cig users if they would prefer to be free of all nicotine addictions, they would tell you yes. We don’t know for sure yet exactly what all of the health risks from using e-cigs is yet, but we know some and they don’t look good. There are guides out there for quitting. If you buy it for them and tell them you will support them the entire way, you maybe can help make that change they’ve been needing for so long in their lives.

Smoking was cool in the early 1900’s and is now slowly taking a small hit in business due to new technology and advancements in health research. While vaping is an alternative, we aren’t sure how safe it is, if it’s even safe at all. Unfortunately, it’s the smoking of this millennium. It looks kind of cool, people seem to enjoy the flavors and it isn’t 100% proven to be deadly so people will keep doing it. All we can do is try to help them in whatever ways we can.…

5 Celebrities that Rock E-Cigarettes

Quitting smoking is hard. No matter how you feel about cigarettes themselves, almost everyone understands the hard time facing smokers who want to quit their favourite vice. Particularly for those whose cigarette smoking is linked to a habit that’s going to make them twitchy and irritable to break, the electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is a godsend.

Smoking is, after all, often a by-product of lives that are too stressful. Adding extra stress in the quitting process is just stupid. E-cigs, as they’re affectionately known, take one of those stresses off of the recovering addict’s shoulders, and let them achieve their goals. Some of the E-cigarette cartridges do, however, contain nicotine, primarily designed to help people let themselves down slowly off of the addiction, so on the flip side it’s possible to legally get a nicotine ‘fix’ from smoking your e-cig without incurring the wrath of the anti-smoking movement.

Celebrities aren’t immune from the vices that stalk you and me. In fact, some of them are more prone to the then us! So which of our favourite celebrities are rocking out with e-cigs?

  • Leo diCaprio
  • Bradley Cooper.
  • Gok Wan.
  • Simon Cowell
  • Katherine Heigl.

Leo diCaprio

Yep, that’s right. The ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ star has his own electronic cigarette and he’s not afraid to use it. He’s been spotted with it at the premier of the Great Gatsby as well as during Coachella. He’s not shy to talk to fans with it in hand, either.

Bradley Cooper.

The Hangover star is a diehard e-cigarette fan, or so he tells us. Introduced to the vice-lite by Zoe Kravitz, he’s been a fan ever since. At least it’s better than smoking normal cigs, Bradley!

Gok Wan.

Ah, Gok. We have to love you. British E-cig fans will love you for sporting one of their favourite devices, too.  Since the man is reportedly cutting back from a 40-a-day smoking habit, we can only applaud him and the progress he’s made. Rocking a little e-cigarette in public is certainly an improvement. Well done, Gok!

Simon Cowell

Few are going to be surprised by this one- but yes, it’s official. Simon’s not afraid to admit he’s a fan of smoking and the positive memories it raises in him, even though the current trend is to revile smoking in all its forms. But as we all know, you just can’t smoke around the public these days. So he’s swapped to ‘vapeing’ instead.

Katherine Heigl.

No list would be complete without a lovely lass to add to our lads. The Grey’s anatomy star does indeed use electronic cigarettes- has been since 2008, apparently. Seen live on David Letterman and many other shows and places, she’s a staunch supporter of the e-cigarette trend.

There is a trend at the moment by the most vocal of non-smokers to decry even e-cigs as somehow heinous, but they’re a tool that has helped many to beat a difficult addiction.  And when even our favourite celebrities are rocking out with them, you have to say that it’s a new trend, haters or not.…