Cheap E-Liquid: How to Make Vape Juice at Home DIY Guide

By | May 31, 2018

Today we are going to be talking about DIY e-liquid and how to make vape juice at home. There is going to be a point where you might want to make your own e-liquid so we are going to tell you what that is and how to do it. E-liquid is made up of four main components: the PG, the VG, the nicotine and the flavorings. In pre-made e-liquids this is as the name suggests pre-made and ready to be used. With DIY e-liquid, you put these four main ingredients together yourself however you like; so everything from choosing the flavor to the nicotine strength to the PG/VG ratio and also how much of the liquid you want.

The Types of equipment Needed

Before you start mixing, you are going to need some equipment. For starters, you are going to need a container to actually mix your e-liquid in. Get something with a lid so you can shake it up afterward. You are going to need some syringes to measure each part of the e-liquid accurately. If you don’t do this you could mismatch some of the measurements; so too much nicotine or too much flavoring or you could get the PG/VG ratios wrong. Before you use any of your equipment you are going to want to give it a good clean. You are going to be making stuff that you inhale so the last thing you want is any dirt or dust or other nasty things that are going to stop you from enjoying your tasty e-liquid.

How to Make Vape Juice at Home

So the first thing you need to decide on is the ratio of your e-liquid. This will decide the PG/VG ratio and this will also determine how thick your e-liquid will be. If you’re using it in a sub ohm tank you’re going want about a 70% VG or higher if you’re using it a mouth to lung tank you are going to want to add about 50% PG or higher. The next thing to do is choose the percentage of flavoring to add. Most flavors work well at about a 15% of the overall e-liquid but it does depend on the flavor and person-to-person. So some flavors work well at 10%, others at 15, others at 20. If you find that your e-liquid is too strong feel free to add some more VG or PG to dilute as needed or if it’s too weak add a bit more concentrated. Finally you want to decide the nicotine strengths. When making e-liquid, it’s best to know how much of each component you are going to add before you start mixing. So you want to know the PG/VG ratio your flavorings and your nicotine. The easiest way to do this is to use an online calculator; my favorite is

How to Calculate

All you need to do is go through it to fill in the various parameters for e-liquid. First: batch size. You are going to make a 100ml of e-liquid, next put in your nicotine based strength and its PG VG ratio which is 20mg and 80% VG. We then need to add our flavor percentage so the calculator remembers to include it. We are going to mix at a 15% flavor so we input that. After this, we choose our desired nicotine strength which is 3mg. The calculator will then tell you the exact measurements in milliliters for your e-liquid. With the calculations done, we need 15ml of nicotine base, 15ml of flavor, 68ml of VG and 2mils of PG for a 100ml of 3mg, 80% VG liquid. More details here:

Add Up all the Components

Now we know what we are working with, it’s time to mix. Since we know that we need 15ml of our base, you will add one and a half of the nic shots. You are going to need a full 10ml for the first bottle and a 5ml from the second one. When you are measuring anything, make sure you check and double-check the amounts with your syringe. This is especially important when it comes to nicotine and flavor base. With the nicotine in, you will add your flavor by measuring 15ml to the mix. This makes up the first 30ml of your 100ml of liquid and this gives you your nicotine and flavor base. With the bases of the liquid mixed together, it’s time to add PG and VG to dilute it and make it something pleasant to vape. You will need to measure out 68ml of VG and then 2ml of PG which will be added to the beaker one at a time.

The Mixing Process

Now that all the components are in, it’s time to mix. At this point, you will want to make sure that the container you are using has got a lid. The best way to mix your liquid is just to give it a really good shake. You want to make sure that the concentrate and the nicotine are evenly distributed throughout the PG and VG. After mixing up all your e-liquid, now is a good idea to start putting them into your bottles. This would also be an excellent time to label up your bottle or bottles with your flavor, PG/VG ratio, nicotine strength, and the date that you made it.

The Steeping Process

The next part of this whole process is probably the hardest part and that’s leaving it alone. And I mean putting it into a cupboard and leaving it for a week, also known as steeping. This will allow time for the flavors to get to know each other and it just helps that flavor come through. If you don’t do this part, it just won’t quite taste the same. This is incredibly important for dessert or pastry based flavors. These will need at least a week to steep. This is not usually the case with menthol or fruit-based liquids, sometimes just a vigorous shake and they are good to vape. Best thing to do, is once you have made your e-liquid, go ahead and put a little bit in your tank or on your coil, vape it. And if you find it’s not quite the way that you want it, go ahead put it in the cupboard let it steep for a week. And then after that period of time go ahead get it try it again and repeat this until you get the flavor you want. If you buy pre-made e-liquid, you’ll find that it’s already been steeped for at least a couple of weeks. This is why you can use it straight away.

With DIY e-liquid however, it requires a bit more patience. But if you leave it for a while, your custom e-liquid will be better for it. Remember any e-liquid that you’ve made like this is for personal consumption only and cannot be sold. This is due to TPD legislation. Hopefully, this gives you a good idea of what goes into making DIY e-liquids and how to make vape juice at home.