E Cigarette Side Effects: What Every Vaper Needs To Know

By | July 30, 2017

You probably love the idea of using vapor mods as they can offer a simpler way to vape, but there are many who think there are lots of side effects to them. Electronic cigarette side effects are very much real even though you wouldn’t think it. However, there are just some side effects you really need to know and get to grips with so that you are well aware of the risks before using any vaping device.

The Vape Cough

A very common side effect for many vapers today is the old vape cough. Now, coughing is a very simple ailment and it’s all because of the fact the body isn’t used to the vape smoke. When the smoke catches the back of their throat, it can become slightly irritated and can lead to coughing. For most people, this is something which goes away after a few days or certainly when they have gotten used to vaping. Most use a pen vape for the first time and experience the cough; but there is also the risk it can remain with them for a considerable period of time. It can very but it’s good to know this before you vape. visit the original source for more information.

Dry and Scratchy Throats

A lot of people find when they start to vape, they have a lot of complaints with their throat. Of course, people aren’t used to vaping so the vape smoke really causes some side effects that frustrate a lot of users. Usually, dry throats are fixed within a matter of a short period of time. So, too, are scratchy throats. But of course, they aren’t pleasant to deal with. For most, it’s not the ideal option for those who want to vape. Using vapor mods can cause a little irritation and that can lead to dry throats. Sometimes drinking water can help correct the situation.

Sore Throats

Common throat conditions from vaping can also include having a sore throat. Now, usually sore throats last a day or two, at best a week, but once you get used to vaping, this should stop being an issue. Of course, having to deal with this in the first place can be really troublesome and, for most, it’s not the ideal side effect. But again, it’s not the worst! Sore throats from pen vape is common but again, easy to correct. You shouldn’t have too much trouble once you get used to the vaping.

Headaches and Nausea


You can also find having a bit of a sore head comes with vaping. However, while most people can deal with a headache, the nausea can be troublesome. It’s not a nice feeling to feel sick and, for some, it’s enough to make them give up. You might find again after you get used to vaping, this clears up. Vapor mods can be more than useful but of course, nausea is a common side effect. learn more news at https://www.engadget.com/2014/05/23/vaporizers-explainer/

Dealing with Side Effects

Vaping is very popular but newcomers need to understand the possible side effects. You might be lucky and get very little or even no side effects whatsoever. Then again, you might get them all! It is hard to say so you have to carefully look and understand at the various side effects before you think about using a pen vape.

Not all side effects are bad
For example these next two focus on positive side effects from moving from smoking over to vaping.