Health Risks of E Cigarettes, Smokeless Tobacco and Water Pipes

By | July 30, 2017

There are currently a few million people who use electronic cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, water pipes and, of course, vaporizer mods. These are truly highly sought after devices and really they appeal to so many. However, there are still millions out there who say there are real risks to come from these devices. Is it true? Can using any of the above devices really pose a serious health risk and, if so, what risks are they?

Becoming Addicted To Nicotine

It doesn’t matter which instrument you are using, there is a real risk that you will consume large amounts of nicotine. Even when using the best e-juice flavors, you can get a big dose of nicotine and if you use it on a regular basis, it’s a problem. Far too many people don’t realize nicotine is found within the tobaccos used for water pipes and the e-juices for vapors. However, the more you use them and the more nicotine you consume, the more likely you are to become addicted to them. It’s a real concern and something that thousands just simply don’t know! checkout their official website for more details.

Toxins and Chemicals

In all honesty, a lot of tobaccos for water pipes, as well as the vaping e-juices for vaping devices and even e-cigs can have a lot of deadly chemicals and toxins within them. Cigarettes have a lot of these within and surprisingly, you can find these are still present in your alternative smoking method. In some cases, the amounts of toxins and chemicals can be extremely high, higher than cigarettes. It’s worrying and really a serious concern that far too many are not aware of. Thousands use vaporizer mods without knowing the real risks and it’s putting their lives in danger. Yes, they look fairly good but there are still sometimes hidden risks with vaping and smoking alternatives (that isn’t to say smoking is good for you either.)

If Sharing Devices, You Could Spread a Disease

vapingThere is a host of minor to major viruses that can be spread with the use of vaping, e-cigs, and water pipe devices! It’s not something you would associate with vaping but it’s a real problem and something that happens quite a lot. Now, if you use the device yourself and let no others use it then you probably will be safe but if you share, even once, there’s a risk involved. You could spread a disease or someone could spread something to you; and there is a whole host of diseases which could plague you too. You might enjoy the best e-juice flavors but you might regret sharing. view more tips at

Be Careful

In all honesty, there is most certainly a health risk with most things and with smoking or vaping; it’s very much the same. You cannot escape the fact that vaping does pose a lot of serious health risks. Yes, for the most part, those risks will be pretty minor but there is also a real risk of passing on some serious health complications too. Vaporizer mods are great devices as are water pipes but there are many health risks you should think about too.